Brightin, GMT & Variomatic

Again merging the companies

Recovered from the internet-bubble, companies realized the Internet would be a major form of communication in the future. After a short stay with Brightin, I joined GMT Online and in 2006 we joined Variomatic and became Oswald & Ruby.

My work involved nearly the complete front-end development. Starting with designing in Photoshop and Illustrator, through the XHTML/CSS prototype, and finally converting into Roxen XSL or dot-NET templates. Besides that I complimented the websites with smart Flash functionality, such as XML/QueryStrings driven applications, dynamic navigation and integration of video. Customers were: Autovisie, Hitkrant, Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden, NUSport, Radio Aalsmeer, TTG, Circuit Zandvoort, Nationaal Fonds Ouderenhulp and Wegener.

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Featured Project

The Luville website was loaded with Flash objects. This map functioned as a product presentation.

Thumbnail Luville Map

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