Media Dell' Arte & LostBoys

The internet hype

With Media Dell Arte I grew as fast as the company did and in 2000 we became a part of the LostBoys company.

As a web designer I did the design and development for many websites, screen-savers, games, multimedia presentations, banners, discussion and chat fora. I also did projects as a functional designer, where I transformed concepts into functional designs, which formed the guide for designers and programmers.
Major projects were RDW, TPG/TNT, Anova zorgverzekeraars, Gemeente Amersfoort, Gemeente Nieuwegein and Waterschap Valei & Eem.

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Featured Project

The RDW does more than just test motor-cars.A computer game will educate young people in the DAF Museum in Eindhoven about their mission. As a designer/developer I did the design and programming for this Flash game.

Thumbnail RDW Game

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In this game the player takes off on a parcours with a car. Driving safely produces points, reckless driving and crashes will cost the player points. Hooting the horn will upset the computer. At the finish some bonus points can be won by answering questions about the RDW.